We like to challenge people’s thinking to improve their living standards

Have you ever thought about what your home should do for you? It all starts with the environment you choose to live in.

Your home is the most important asset you ever invest in, it’s your sanctuary.

Your overall health and well-being in a safer home.  

Have you ever considered how your environment impacts on your well-being?

As green home builders, we help educate and implement products and designs to improve your overall health and wellbeing in your home. We love getting fundamentals right. Being proactive about the green sustainable construction choices you make for a better world. It’s about improving the quality of essentials in the way you live by reducing toxins and incorporating proven physical and mental health benefits – air, water, energy play a big part in making a home your sanctuary.

The Green Edge Philosophy

We take pleasure in creating homes that are sanctuaries. Our Philosophy is a holistic approach to green building, design, and construction. These principles are a guide so that you can create your own unique style.
Together we can consciously start creating a better world to improve the environment and people’s well-being. It’s our little decisions that make a big difference.


Benefits of building holistically

  • Increase productivity 
  • Increase well-being 
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase presentness in home office/work space 
  • Increase rates of learning >20-25%
  • Increase concentration levels and reduced impacts of ADHD
  • Post-operative recovery times <8.5%, pain medication <22% more calming & restorative
  • 7-8 % less crime attributed to areas with access to nature
  • Increase property price 10% on average

Our 5 Principles for green building and sustainable development


Increases connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature and indirect nature

Passive House

Holistic design principles to attain supreme energy efficiency all year long


Environmental Sustainability:

Homes that are built using materials and technology with low environmental impact


Disconnecting your home from one or more public utilities and replacing them with your own independent self-sufficient source


Social Responsibility

To act in a way that benefits society at large.
Is a holistic design comprised of design principles to attain supreme energy efficiency

Health & Amenities

Quality water, air, energy, ergonomics and low toxins are so important to your well being

Our Services

New Homes

Sanctuaries tailored using key principles 

Renovations and Extensions

Using key principles to create spaces that enhance living conditions, value, health and well-being 


Repair damage, dilapidated or defective works (including termite damage)

What We Bring To The Table?


Energy efficiency checks


Home design recommendations

Custom design expertise

Sustainability considerations


Detailed advice tailored to your needs

Why Choose Us?




Improve health and well-being


Sustainable and environment-friendly


Return higher productivity


40 years of combined experience in the construction industry


Passionate and committed


Higher resale value


Highly-qualified green builders


Reduce energy costs

What our clients say

Rod Chapman

Very pleased with our renovations recently completed by Green Edge Builders. The quality of workmanship was excellent and it was great to have engaged a team who are trustworthy and take so much pride in their work.

Gary Wagner

Green Edge have been instrumental in completing and helping us coordinate the renovations of our studio in the city. With requirements that were out-of-the-box, the work they did was prompt and of a quality that gave us a great result that we love!

Karen Woods

On behalf of Mick and myself I wish to take this opportunity to say how happy we are with our newly updated home and the standard of work carried out on our property. From the start to the finish you were professional and we were impressed with how you kept us up to date with all works. 

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