Biophilic design.

Do you want to explore your relationship with the natural environment around you? Have you thought about seeking that connection through biophilic design? 

Biophilia refers to “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.” Biophilic design is the art and science of incorporating biophilia when building your home. 

At Green Edge Builders, we are biophilic builders that take the natural environment into consideration.

Biophilic architecture acknowledges that humans are meant to be connected to the natural world. A biophilic home acts as that connection between you and your natural surroundings, through the use of direct nature and indirect nature, space, and placements. 

Benefits of Biophilic Design

  • Improved mental health
  • Increased productivity
  • Better mindfulness and presentness
  • Mentally and physically restorative
  • Higher property price of 10% on average
  • Environmentally conscious

The biophilic home builder.

As a biophilic home builder, we use the following principles and strategies in biophilic building.

  • Selection of natural materials
  • Visual connection to nature
  • Auditory and textural cues
  • Sensory stimuli
  • Relationship with light

Why Choose Green Edge Builders

We are a biophilic building company in Melbourne and here is what you need to know about us.
  • 40 years of combined experience
  • Passionate and committed
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly
  • Green building principles
  • Detailed advice tailored to your needs
  • Highly-qualified green builders

What We Offer

Need a biophilic builder in Melbourne? Green Edge Builders can help you with your green living journey every step of the way.

Energy efficiency checks

Biophilic renovations

Sustainability considerations

Repairs and rectifications

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